Bacardi USA
National Sales Meeting

MIXING BUSINESS & PLEASURE as the bacardi team reunites in vegas

Strategy + Insights
Creative + Design
Content Capture

Bacardi stirred the spirits of their North American team in Las Vegas, with a two-day meeting that was less boardroom, more wow-room, fueling a year's worth of ambition in one shot.

With “BRING IT” as the guide, TEAM infused every moment with inspiration—from LED-lit stages to an interactive takeover at Allegiant Stadium.

The event was a perfectly shaken experience: attendees were delighted by brand activations and live entertainment, sipping custom cocktails while mixing with the movers and shakers of Bacardi.

More than a corporate gathering, it was an immersion in the Bacardi ethos, complete with passionate ambassadors and a content capture squad that bottled the lightning of every moment.


in-person attendees raised their glasses to a new fiscal year.


cocktails served, each a toast to innovation and success.


executive presentations turning the stage into a symposium of strategy.

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