Behind The Rebrand: Unfurling Our New Banner

April 3, 2024

As we approached our 35th year as an agency, our team set out on a months-long journey to explore a new identity. A symbol that aligned with fresh positioning and served as a rallying cry for our hardworking team. Something that would stand the test of time and tell a story about where we have been and where we are going.

Change is a challenge and nerve racking, but the timing was right. Most importantly, we wanted our team to feel it and embrace it, all while paying homage to our history.

TEAM Logos Through The Years

While we've been known as TEAM Enterprises for most of the last three decades, we knew that shedding part of that moniker was an important step. All of the punch was in the word TEAM and in a world that values brevity and tiny character counts, our name was a mouthful.

We wanted the mark to embody that simplicity, stand alone as an icon and impart a clear message: WE ARE TEAM. The symbol of a flag continued to bubble up as we put pen to paper.

As we stitched together our new flag, its connection to our people and purpose fell into place:

Forward-Focused: The seasoned coach in your corner, always one step ahead, strategizing the next breakthrough play for our partners.

Multi-Facet Flex: Versatility is our virtue, always ready to hit a new angle, adopt new plays and shift perspectives. We're solid but never static.

Territory Defined: A flag planted with conviction, proclaiming our role as leaders who push boundaries.

Historical Swagger: We salute our saga—pioneers of the game, wielding our legacy like a banner, steering the ship to the uncharted waters of wow.

Grin with Grit: Sharp as a tack, nimble as a cat— we stay on point, balancing strategic acumen with a welcoming spirit, embodying the coach who champions and celebrates everyone on the team.

As we began applying the new branding to the real world, we knew it needed to resonate with our team and be something they'd be proud to share, wear, and talk about. Grounded in the spirit of making and creating–always polished but never shying away from a hand touch. We wanted something that would excite us and our partners as we hammered out every slide and brought those ideas off the screen and into the world.

As this particular leg of the journey comes to a close, we are really just at the beginning of an exciting new chapter. We proudly raise our new banner high and embrace what comes next, but our purpose remains the same: bringing brands to life in big and exciting ways with ideas that are made to be experienced.

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