Behind The Sampling with Shannon Romano

May 9, 2023

The Journey from Promo Specialist to VP

Sampling programs aren’t always as smooth as shaken martinis, but when executed well, they are one of the most powerful ways to create memorable consumer experiences. With Shannon Romano, VP of Field Services, leading the way, the bar is set even higher.

From Promo Specialist to Marketing Pro

Shannon Romano was recently promoted to her current role, but she has been with TEAM for over 12 years. Starting off as a promotional specialist, she has worked her way through various departments in the field, making her way to the top.  

“My passion has always lied in the field and with sampling, it is where I grew my roots,” Shannon says. From the BET, trade advocacy, helping roll out the BAM program, and client services, Shannon has seen it all and made it look easy.

The Power of a Great Team

According to Shannon, it’s teamwork that makes it all possible. With proficiency, perseverance, and proper mentorship from leaders, the sampling program continues to thrive.

“Sampling is sometimes an unappreciated role, and I want to make sure people understand how hard of a job it is and that they are the first line of defense out there for our clients, trade, distributors, and the supplier,” she says.

Shannon is not the only one who has climbed the ranks within the team. The department values growth and provides ample opportunities for career advancement, leading to seven other team members who began as promotional specialists now holding leadership roles.

Sampling Spontaneity

“Every day is a challenge, there is no day that is the same,” Shannon comments.

The sampling program pushes through any circumstances, but that’s what makes the team so good at what they do. In her new role, Shannon says that she wants to bring awareness to the hard work the sampling team puts in behind the scenes. According to her, the team is the first line of defense for consumer communication, selling the product, and bringing great knowledge of consumer feedback back to the clients.

This year, Shannon’s focus is to identify and understand the analytics from each sampling program, learn from what worked well and focus on those aspects to make the next project even better.

Congrats to Shannon on her recent promotion to VP of Field Services! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.  

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