Brittany Wiley's Journey From Sampling Manager to Foster Hero

May 10, 2024

Meet Brittany Wiley, a Regional Sampling Manager at TEAM who has recently embarked on a remarkable journey as a foster parent. Alongside her husband, Brittany has opened her heart and home to six foster children, offering them love, stability, and unwavering support. Not only does Brittany excel in her professional role, but she also advocates passionately for child welfare, actively engaging in efforts to enhance the foster care system and promote the well-being of all children.

From volunteering with foster care organizations to educating her community about the realities of foster care, Brittany is dedicated to providing a safe haven for vulnerable children, embodying compassion and resilience in her dual roles as a manager and foster mom.

Despite the emotional highs and lows of foster parenting, Brittany remains steadfast in her commitment to help as many children as possible, with reunification always as her ultimate goal. Even after the children leave her home, Brittany continues to provide ongoing support, ensuring they feel loved and supported every step of the way. Her remarkable dedication and leadership extend into her role at TEAM, where she exemplifies qualities of compassion, dedication, and care. Brittany's inspiring story serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to making the world a better place, one child at a time, and her recent promotion to Program Manager for the D’usse Retail Specialist Program is a testament to her exceptional contributions.

See more of Brittany's story here.

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