Paul Ramirez on Shaping Individual Identities and Community Values

February 22, 2024

TEAM's Paul Ramirez reflects on his 20-year journey in the advertising world, and the mission to integrate empathy and insight into marketing strategies. As the Chief Experience Officer at TEAM, he emphasizes the shift towards community-oriented experiences, rejecting fast stunts and vanity metrics, and urging brands to focus on creating enduring connections and a sense of purpose among individuals. This mindset flows through so many of the experiences that TEAM creates. Check out the highlights below and read the full op-ed to learn more about Paul's story.

La Roche-Posay / Save Our Skin Day
We’re not just talking about big ideas and brand impact—we’re out here turning individuals into a community of passionate brand advocates.
Miller Lite / Know Your Beer
Brands have the unique opportunity to both tap into and foster communities, catering to a deep-seated desire for experiences that create connections.
MINI / MINI Takes The States
Look at the MINI Takes the States rally: it's not a procession of metal; it's a heartbeat of community, a collective pulse.
Stagwell / Cannes Sport Beach
Push the boundaries of what marketing can do for businesses and communities. At TEAM, we’re putting creative plays together for brands where big ideas, scale, community, partnerships, and a seamless digital-physical experience aren't just buzzwords, they’re real-world strategies in our winning playbooks.
Havana Club / AMPARO Experience
True impact—measured in heartbeats and brand love, not swag bags hoarded. Shared experiences, in both live and digital worlds, create even deeper levels of engagement and immersion.

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